Dog & Owner Training

We’ve consistently had dogs around ever since I was a youngster, and even when our family was between dogs, we adopted our next door’s boxer dog as our own. In spite of this, as a family we didn’t have any idea how to properly train a dog. We felt that as long as it didn’t mess up the floor, chew up our shoes, and finally show up on the sixth yell of its name, we believed things were just peachy.

Like most dog owners, I didn’t know anything about training a dog. Well, we believe we do because the dog sits or gives us a paw when we have a goodie in our hands, but those are just little tricks.

Then I bought our very own dog when I got a place of my own. As the dog got bigger, she changed from loving puppy into a pain. She moseyed off, never arrived when called and became the Tasmanian Devil whenever anybody came nearby. The final straw was when she tore into the room and scrambled up to sit on the shoulders of a visitor who had come to interview me for a voluntary position. He wasn’t a dog lover and I can still recall the look on his face now.

Understanding that little fact of animal psychology and you are well on your way to a cheerier dog. My friend at mover Atlanta loves happy dogs, and cheerful dogs! From now on you’re going to make it clear to your dog that you are the Alpha or leader of the pack and what you say goes. That furniture over there? That’s mine. Your place is on the floor or in your dog basket.

Don’;t give the dog table bits. In fact, the dog should be in his doggie bed while you eat, and he only gets fed after everybody else has been fed.